Rooted in behavioral intelligence
We use micro nudging to positively and proactively change employees everyday behavior in a way that creates long-lasting, positive impact in a business' processes and workflows.
Enabled by AI
We use machine learning and behavioural intelligence to support each employee with the right individual nudges at the right time, automatically and intelligently.
Designed to improve results
We design our software to identify and optimise behaviour that will create impactful results instantly making it a cost-effective tool that easily and seamlessly integrates with your current IT infrastructure and operating systems.
Improvement Areas
Approximately 10% of all insurance claims are deemed fraud. However, empirical research indicates that European Insurance Companies, on average, only succeed in uncovering about 1% of fraudulent cases.


Despite significant investments in fraud detection framework to analyze policyholder data through advanced technologies using AI, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Blockchain, Biometrics etc the majority of fraud remain undisclosed.

New AI technologies accelerating human behavior has proven to add a further 2% savings of the total claims costs.

The continuous configuration and development of core IT solutions to optimize workflows, improve efficiency and business performance is a challenging problem that has not yet been solved.


The limited IT resources and the continuous influx of new requirements strain the system, creating a growing backlog of unresolved requests for optimizing systems and workflows. These challenges prevent employees from achieving greater efficiency.

Now, incorporating a layer of behavioral intelligence that overlays IT systems, has proven to unlock a remarkable boost in efficiency of 10-15%

In non-life insurance areas such as property, contents, casualty, and workers' compensation, subrogation can yield savings of up to 3% on the total claims costs.


It is surprising to note that many companies can only identify a mere 1-1.5% of these potential savings. The primary challenge arises from insufficient information provided in the damage description and claims data.

Often the information is simply not there. Thus, Data Analytic technologies’ fail to reveal the potential subrogation savings. Furthermore, claims handlers often overlook these cases due to their infrequent occurrence.

Behavioral intelligence using micro nudging has now proven to add a further 1-1,5% savings of the total claims cost.

Driven by the pursuit of growth and profitability, businesses aim for various key objectives such as acquiring a larger customer base, increasing average basket size, and improving customer retention.


In the insurance industry, a 15-20% churn rate is common, making sales and customer retention top priorities. As a result, substantial investments are made in sales training, Sales Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Tools.

However, despite these efforts, significant variations persist in the individual salespeople's success levels. Now using artificial intelligence to accelerate human behavior has shown a promising new way to create significantly better sales results.

What kind of AI do you use in your company?
Our company utilizes supervised machine learning techniques to develop an AI solution that accelerates human behavior and enhances business outcomes.
How does your AI solution work?
Our solution involves tracking employees' behavior and performance metrics, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By employing supervised machine learning algorithms, our AI system analyzes the data collected from employees' activities and identifies patterns that correlate with desired outcomes. It then uses this knowledge to automatically nudge and encourage behavior changes that have the most significant impact on improving KPIs.
What are the benefits of using supervised machine learning for behavior tracking and KPI improvement?
Supervised machine learning allows us to leverage historical data and performance records to identify the most effective strategies for achieving desired outcomes. By analyzing patterns and correlations, the AI system can provide targeted nudges and guidance to employees, helping them align their behaviors with organizational goals. This approach streamlines the learning process and accelerates performance improvements, leading to enhanced business results.
Can you provide an example of how your AI solution helps improve KPIs?
Certainly! Let's say a company wants to increase its sales revenue. Our AI solution tracks various employee behaviors related to sales activities, such as customer interactions, lead follow-ups, and conversion rates. By analyzing historical data and performance records, the AI system identifies specific behaviors that have the highest influence on sales revenue. It then automatically nudges employees to adopt these effective behaviors, providing real-time feedback and guidance. As a result, employees are empowered to make adjustments that lead to improved KPIs, such as higher sales conversion rates and increased revenue.
How does your AI solution ensure continuous improvement of KPIs?
Our AI solution operates in a feedback loop. It continually monitors and analyzes employees' behaviors and corresponding KPIs. Based on the insights gained, the AI system adjusts its models and algorithms to optimize the nudges and recommendations provided to employees. This dynamic feedback loop ensures that the AI solution evolves over time and becomes more effective at driving behavior changes that lead to improved KPIs. By adapting to changing circumstances and leveraging ongoing data, our solution helps organizations consistently enhance their performance.
Does your AI solution replace human decision-making and management?
No, our AI solution is designed to augment human decision-making and management, not replace them. It provides valuable insights and guidance based on data analysis, but the ultimate decisions and actions are still made by human employees. The AI solution acts as a supportive tool, helping employees understand the most effective behaviors and providing feedback to optimize their performance. It empowers employees to make informed decisions and take actions aligned with the organization's goals.
Is employee privacy a concern with your behavior tracking system?
We understand the importance of employee privacy and data protection. Our AI solution adheres to strict privacy guidelines and regulations. It anonymizes and aggregates data to ensure individual privacy is maintained. We prioritize data security and employ robust measures to protect sensitive information throughout the tracking and analysis process.
How customizable is your AI solution to specific business needs?
Our AI solution is highly customizable to meet the specific requirements and objectives of different businesses. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and goals. By leveraging supervised machine learning techniques, we can tailor the AI system to track and analyze the behaviors and KPIs that are most relevant to their industry and organizational context. This customization ensures that the AI solution aligns with the specific business needs and maximizes its impact on performance improvement.
How can our company get started with your AI solution?
We would be delighted to discuss how our solution can benefit your company. Please reach out to our team, and we will schedule a consultation to understand your specific requirements and explore the possibilities of implementing our Peopleway to enhance your business results.